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Roam Marine Monitor

Roam Marine Monitor

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Secondary Battery/Pump Sensor
Float Switch


Boaters can stay informed and secure with the Roam Marine Monitor, an innovative, cost-effective cellular connected device. Get real-time data to monitor essential parameters, including voltage, humidity, temperature, bilge pump status, and accelerometer readings. Easily integrate sensor data into your boat for remote monitoring and alert notifications, plus access detailed status from anywhere in the world. Stay aware of battery health, bilge pump activity, and fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and accelerometer readings.

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    Kit Includes

    1) Roam Marine Monitor Hub

    The primary hub includes ambient temperature, humidity sensors along with sea state monitoring and a backup battery. All sensors connect to the bottom of the device and can be custom configured to meet your specific needs.

    2) LTE-M Cellular Antenna

    3) Secondary Battery or Pump Sensor x2

    Wire these sensors into your second battery bank or bilge pumps for continual status. If you are connecting to your bilge pump we often recommend connecting to the manual bilge pump switch and the 6' wire is often more than enough. If you feel you will need more wire then order the 18' version for extended connection flexibility.

    4) High Water Float Switch

    Our high water float switch is custom built to provide a normally closed signal to our hub. Unlike many other float switch alarms this allows us to alarm if there is a problem with the wire to increase confidence in a high water event alarm. The float switch comes with a 15' wire.

    5) Main Battery Supply Sensor

    The main battery supply cable is 6' and is typically connected to your house batteries either at the battery or on a main bus bar in the electrical panel. The Roam Monitor both monitors battery voltage and uses this connection for it's primary power source.

    6) GPS Antenna

    Our GPS antenna comes with a 10' cable to allow for easy installation. The GPS antenna can be installed inside a fiberglass boat but should be kept away from metal and installed with the sticky side facing earth.

    7) Mounting Brackets

    Two mounting brackets and associated screws are included for quick mounting of the product.

    Technical Specifications

    Operating Input Voltage 5-32 VDC
    Power Draw 0.3W (0.030A @ 12V)
    Internal Battery Capacity 2600mAh
    Battery Certification UN 38.3
    Runtime on Internal Battery 48 hours with GPS Enabled
    Up to 28 Days with GPS Disabled
    Physical Dimensions 5.0 in x 3.8 in x 1.5 in
    (127 mm x 97 mm x 38 mm)
    Storage Temperature -40ºF to 160ºF
    Operating Temperature -22ºF to 149ºF
    Cellular LTE CAT M1 Bands: B2, B4, B5, B12, B13, B25, B26, B66
    Local Wireless 2.4Ghz
    GPS Positioning GNSS External Antenna
    Certifications FCC Part 15B
    Internal Sensors Temperature
    Accelerometer (Sea State)
    Audible Alarm Piezo Internal to Hub
    External Inputs Input 1: Main Supply and Voltage Sense
    Input 2-4: Voltage/Pump/Float Switch

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    William Kahn
    Love this product

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Great value and it works!

    Love this device!

    I bought my Roam device at the Annapolis Boat Show. I stopped in to see what they had and decided to take one home with me. My boat is at the dock 3 hours away and yes I worry about it. I was impressed with the booth personnel and their understanding of what boaters were looking for. Admittedly my GPS was not working as well as I expected (my fault) but they assured me that improvements were on the way. I have been impressed with the new update and the GPS accuracy. I have recommended this to all of my friends. I like the fact that it is at a reasonable price point and it WORKS. I sleep a lot better knowing that I can just pull up the app and know whats happening at the marina.

    Thanks JD

    Love my Roam!

    I bought mine on a spur at the Annapolis Sailboat Show and installed it that very same night (while anchored out in the Chesapeake)... and ever since it has given me piece of mind and continued observability into my sailboat! The team was great with any help when installing and is always open to feedback or help if you notice a bug! Cannot wait to see what new features and enhancements Roam comes out with!

    Excellent product at a very affordable price!

    I've activated my Roam device and have been using for past month. Currently, have battery monitor, temp, humidity, high water float setup. I'll be installing bilge pump monitor in two weeks. Installation and activation were extremely simple. Roam has performed flawlessly, providing accurate house bank voltage (confirmed with onboard battery monitor), timely updates to the mobile device monitoring software. Testing multiple alerts for house bank low voltage alarm, bilge high water alarm. Additional features: GPS location and looking forward to testing and using the anchor alarm. This is an excellent monitor at a very reasonable price! Thank you Roam!