Made to Roam

We are engineers who created Roam Devices by improving on existing products to create a more efficient solution to the most common boating concerns.

Roam Devices was born out of a simple family request: “How can I make sure that my boat isn’t sinking when I’m not on it?” To answer that question, we initially searched for existing solutions, but we were appalled by what we found. We know how expensive things can get just because “it’s for a boat,” but this was ridiculous. In the 2020’s, it shouldn’t cost thousands of
dollars for low-power electronics. We knew that we could do better.

Roam was founded with a mission to make boat monitoring accessible to every boat owner. We are on a quest to create a product that's not just affordable but also indispensable for every boat owner – a straightforward, high-performance solution. This mission led to the birth of the Roam Marine Monitor.  

Proudly Made in America, Owned in America.

From our circuit boards to our cables, we do all our manufacturing in the United States. It’s more expensive than it would be if we did it overseas, but we believe it results in better quality for our customers and it helps our local economy. We source some components from overseas, but we’re constantly looking at ways to bring our full supply chain closer to home.

As a business, we are 100% American-owned. We’ve proudly built this business from the ground up without taking on any outside investment, which means we aren’t beholden to shareholders or venture capitalists—and we can keep our prices low as a result.

  • Connection with our Products

    We started Roam Devices to build products that we'd use ourselves, and that we would proudly recommend to our friends and family. If it doesn't pass our own standards, it doesn't make the cut

  • Providing Real Value

     In a world where businesses are all trying to squeeze every last penny they can, we want to provide our customers with real value. We strive to make high quality products at a fair price. We have proudly taken on no funding, so we are not beholden to venture capitalists or outside investors.

  • Leave Things Better Than We Found Them

    No matter how remote you are, you’ll see an old buoy, a plastic bottle, or a Styrofoam container. At Roam we want to do our part to help this problem, so we donate a portion of sales from each Marine Monitor to the nonprofits that are working to clean up our oceans.