1. Do I need to provide my own SIM card?

The Marine Monitor comes with a global SIM card built and all connectivity costs are included in the annual subscription. No other data connection is required.

2. How often does the Marine Monitor send data to the app?

If an alarm event occurs, the data is sent immediately. Otherwise, the Marine Monitor sends data every 5 minutes.

3. How long is data kept in the cloud?

Historical data is stored for a minimum of three years.

4. How does the Marine Monitor connect to the App?

The Marine Monitor uses a cellular modem using LTE-M to continuously connect and transmit data every 5 minutes.

5. Can I use a different antenna?

We use an external antenna that has great coverage (even miles offshore) but if you have a metal boat or would like even better cell signal you can use an outdoor rated cellular antenna. 

Mobile/Desktop App 

1. Where can I access the app?

The app is available on Android/iOS as well as a web app which can be visited here: Web App

For Android: Play Store

For iOS: App Store

2. How many devices can I access my boat data from?

You can login to your account from as many different devices as you want. All settings are synchronized between all versions of the app and there is no limit.

3. How do I delete my account?

From within the app, click on menu button in upper left corner. Go to Account and click edit. You will see a Delete Account button. You may also send us an email at support@roamdevices.com.


1. How do I set alarms in the Marine Monitor?

You are able to configure custom alarm high or low thresholds on every sensor through the app. 

2. How am I alerted by Marine Monitor alarms?

Immediately after an alarm is triggered, a text message will be sent to your phone number. Additionally, an email will be sent to your designated email address.


1. How do you install the Marine Monitor?

Please visit our setup page for detailed instructions on installing the Marine Monitor

2. Does the Marine Monitor support wireless sensors?

Every Marine Monitor comes with built-in wireless sensor support. Wireless sensors including bilge, high water, temperature, hatch and battery will be available summer of 2024.

3. Does the Marine Monitor have an internal battery?

Yes, the internal battery is used to continue to send data from the sensors even if the boat batteries die. 

4. How much power does the Marine Monitor use?

With full continuous tracking enabled (which is the highest power setting) the Marine Monitor uses less than 0.3 Watts. In lower power mode, which has the GPS disabled, the device uses less than 0.02 Watts.