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Roam Marine Monitor Hub

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High Water

Pump Activity

Battery Voltage

GPS Location

Cabin Temp

Anchor Alarm

Never be caught off guard by a failing battery or a burnt-out bilge pump. Our Remote Vessel Monitor was built to keep you informed on what is happening aboard your boat.

GPS Location

Track your boat’s location, set anchor alarms, and get notified if your boat moves unexpectedly

High Water Monitoring

Detect when water levels in the bilge rise beyond normal levels, triggering alerts when needed.

Pump Activity

Keep track of pump run time and get notified about excessive operation or potential pump failure before your boat sinks.

Battery Voltage

Stay informed about voltage levels of both house and starter batteries in real-time and ensure uninterrupted power on your boat.

Can you put a price on peace of mind?
We think it should only be
$5 per month.

The Roam Subscription covers all the cellular data and text message alerts that keep your boat safe—no need to bring a SIM card with an expensive data plan. And best of all, it's only $5/month.
All Roam Subscriptions are billed annually.

Roam Marine Monitor App

The mobile app is your 24/7 window to your boat. Check in on your boat's position and systems on the dashboard, or set alarms to get notified if things go awry.

With iOS, Android, and web apps available, you can access your dashboard wherever you are.

iOS App Android App Web App

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Roam Devices is the newest remote boat monitoring and marine safety system engineered specifically for boaters.

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